Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camping Season Has Unofficially Begun

As many of you know, I loooove camping.  Every weekend for seven months out of the year, you'll find me and mine at the campground.  I'd like to say we go all natural with tent camping but that changed a few years ago when everything we owned would get ruined from storms.  So we now have a camper parked at a permanent spot at a local campground.

Camping season doesn't officially start until April 1st but the weather has been unusually beautiful.  Because of that, the owners have allowed campers access and the place has been abuzz.  The last three weeks we've been busy getting our place in tip-top shape. 

We moved our camper from one location to another so we can be closer to my sisters and friends who camp there.  I paid a teenager girl some cash to wash our camper and we just got our deck moved in place.  The decorations are out and the inside has been cleaned.  My husband also painted our golf cart black.  I purchased a couple of Jagermeister decals to go along the sides. 

The Jagermeister tap machine is hooked up and ready to dispense.  That's our adult beverage of choice.

Hooray for camping season!  Let the good times roll!


Marti Parks said...

I agree. Hooray for camping season.

Lorna England said...

I wanna camp with you too!! And tell you GOOD JOB MOM! I don't know when you have time to breathe!.. 8 children, full time job & blogging..just that exhausts me reading about it! Keep up the good work!

Robin Quick said...

Wow every weekend for 7 months out of the year!? I love camping too but I dont know if I could stand it that much. lol It sounds like you guys have a great time. My MIL has a membership at a private resort that consist mostly of RV camping. We use the membership ourselves a couple of times a year but stay in the small cabins thats offered. We want our own membership so we can put our motorhome on site permanently. That way we could go on weekends whenever we want! I dont know about every weekend but one weekend a month would be nice!

VickeC said...

my grandsons love to go camping so this year im gonna tag along just to make them happy

Nichol said...

Yay! Everyone is starting everything sooner this year due to the warmer temps. I haven't had Jagermeister in so long!