Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts - The Roof Didn't Cave In


I just realized it's been three months since I've participated in Random Tuesday Thoughts.  Shame on me! 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  It's the day of love for some, and the day of depression for others.  I have no desire to go out on the town and wait two hours for a meal or sit in a crowded theater so I think me and the hubby are going to rent a movie to watch and order food in.  Sounds romantic enough for me.

I was waiting for the heavens to part or lightning to strike on Sunday.  My husband went to church with me!  Anyone who personally knows him knows that's an almost impossible feat.  The only other time he's went in the ten years I've been with him is the day I got baptized.

It's actually kind of cool how the string of family and friends going to church keeps growing.  I started going to a particular church a couple of years ago with my kids.  Then it grew to my mom, my nephew and his wife, and my nephew's in-laws.  It's since progressed to my other niece.  There's usually about 15 of us, adults and kids, that go together.  And last Sunday, it was my husband!  Now if I can just get him to go back!


Leave me bored on a Friday night and this is what may happen to you! 

My husband let me use him as a guinea pig for nail shields, BRIGHT GREEN ones at that.  I did a horrible job but it was rather amusing seeing his fingers all done up in green.  The next morning I went to the bathroom and found pieces of the nail shields all over my floor.  He'd gotten up in the middle of the night and peeled them all off while pooping.  See if I waste my talents on him again!

Rather than focusing on nail shields next time, I'm going to focus on bleaching his hands.  He's a mechanic and it definitely shows.

My son Logan competed in his first Science Olympiad Saturday.  He received a 4th place medal for his bottle rocket experiment.  Does that mean he'll be a "rocket" scientist when he grows up?!


Shelby, my oldest daughter, officially graduated high school Saturday.  Because she had enough credits and good enough grades she was able to graduate three months early.  She's finally chosen which college she wants to go to and has been making preparations for that.

The other day I posted about a Valentine's Day contest I entered on Facebook through a local radio station.  I appreciate everyone who "liked" my comment for me to have the chance to win.  In the end, I didn't win but I did get 3rd place out of 77 and scored a free tshirt!

Jason's birthday is tomorrow.  We had a family party for him at our home on Sunday.  He still had to cook for everyone though.  He made his famous two-time campground winning chili.  I know what I didn't buy him for his birthday....Nail Shields!


VandyJ said...

Congrats to your son--placing is great.
Congrats to your daughter--graduating early is quite the feat.
Happy birthday to your hubby!

I am Harriet said...

My daughter use to do science Olympiad. She really liked it.

Have a great Tuesday!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

HOLY moly about Church. I thought the same thing when Rick went with me on Christmas. I guess once a year I should be lucky ... lol. I'll keep praying both of our men go :) It's funny the only other time Rick went with me is when I was baptized also!!

I'm so excited to hear how it is growing with more family.

hehe yup that is where I would find the shields also!

Way to go Shelby!

Self Sagacity said...

those are some bright fingernails.

Becca said...

you're lucky! congrats to your son!

He'll gonna be a a scientist just continue to support him.