Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Facebook Plea From Little 'Ole Me

Valentine's Day is coming up and since I don't want you to have to rush out to the store to buy me candy or flowers, I'll make it easier on you and instead only ask that you "like" a comment on a Facebook page.

A local radio station is sponsoring a giveaway and I can totally see myself being super thrilled if I won.  Roses and gift certificates are just a couple of the prizes. 

In order for me to win, my comment on the radio station's Valentine contest Facebook post has to have the most "likes".  That's where you come in.  I don't ask for favors very often and hope I'm not offending anyone by pleading for favors now, but the comment with the most "likes" is what wins the contest.  If you're so inclined to help me, I'd be much obliged.  (Said in my sweetest Southern Belle tone). 

This is what you need to do:

Go to the 97.9 KICK-FM Facebook page.

Find this wall post:

97.9 KICK-FM

Here's your chance to win a very nice Valentine's package! Comment below what you would like for Valentine's Day...the more creative the better! Then share this with your friends and tell them to "like" your comment! The person who has the comment with the most "likes" will win $50 gift certificates from Geise Jewel Box and The Maine Course restaurant and a vase of fresh roses from Wellman Florist! You can comment until Monday, February 13th at 9am! If there is a tie, we'll select a winner from those tied using! One comment per person please! Remember to have your friends vote for your comment to improve your chances at winning!

Once you see that wall post, scroll down until you find my comment.  It's the 36th one and has a picture of me next to it.  Just in case you're not sure of my name and only know me as Heck Of A Bunch, it'll be the comment that Terra Heck (me!) posted.  Once you find my comment, click "like" and that's it.

I swear, it shouldn't take but a couple minutes of your time and it'll keep you from having to think of what else to get me for Valentine's Day.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post.  I just totally wanna win!