Monday, January 30, 2012

Where's the Spices When You Need Them

I have a fairly large pantry, which is a help and a hindrance all in one.  Because it's large, the pantry holds a lot of food.  I try to organize it once in a while and sort according to category.  Boxes go on one shelf, canned goods on another.  The task seems almost useless though because stuff never gets put back where it belongs.  Trying to locate spices when you need them is the worst.  Where's the all-purpose seasoning salt or garlic flakes when I need them?  Oh yeah, on the top shelf buried under a trillion cereal boxes! I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have to spend forever and a day hunting for my spices.  I'm beginning to think a spice rack would make a nice solution to the frenzied problem of hunting for spices when I need them. 

I've seen spice racks before but had no idea there were so many designs and placement options available.  Want a wall spice rack?  No problem.  Want your spices hidden in a drawer?  You can get that too.  Want your spice rack to look like a ferris wheel?  Whatever floats your boat.   

Do you own a spice rack?  Tell me, is it easier to find the basil and thyme?

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Jude Skocki Kelly said...

I think a spice rack is almost a waste of time. Once you get the spice home, then you need to put it into the proper container to fit your rack. I just don't have time for all that. I do like that new swivel rack I have seen on tv. It seems to hold the most common sized bottles right from the store. In my home I have graduated shelving in my spice cabinet. This way I can see my spices and don't have to dig.

Jude Skocki Kelly
myfreebi3s at yahoo dot com

royalegacy said...

I do not own a spice rack, but my husband built a wonderful shelf to house all of our spices. I love his homemade treats he does for me.
Danielle S

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Thankfully our spices are kept separate from our pantry-They're in a cabinet above the counter next to the fridge, but we have a TON of spices, so that's an organization nightmare in and of itself!

I can definitely see where a spice rack would come in handy :)

Clueless_Mama said...

I don't have a spice rack either, but I really like the look of the one in your post. I always have the hardest time finding anything I need.