Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In the Doghouse Now

They say that dog is man's best friend. Does that count if both are in the doghouse together?!

Now I know where to send the dog AND the kids when they don't behave!

Disclaimer:  Neither one were in trouble.  They were just hanging out together in the dog kennel.  I seriously don't use it as a form of punishment.


Marie said...

LOL - very cute photo! My son, when he was younger, used to climb into the dog kennel with the dog and fall asleep -- never looked very comfortable but I guess they were both happy :-) But he (the son not necessarily the dog) tends to sleep in some pretty strange places/positions!

Heather! said...

LOVE your disclaimer! I would hope you wouldn't actually *need* to say that, but you never know....Cracks me up, anyway!

I hope they both got a cookie or a good belly rub for being good models! :)

ZuZu said...

Great photo! Looks like they get along well and are having a really good time.

jenzen69 said...

That picture is great,only i would like it even more to see a husband in there