Tuesday, December 20, 2011

G-X Disinfectant - Review and Giveaway

I've been working for a while now with Stanley Home Products, a direct-selling company that offers high quality household cleaners and more. The products I've used have been effective and I'm now pleased to present the G-X Disinfectant. 

The G-X Disinfectant is an aerosol disinfectant spray that gets in hard-to-clean places to help kill more than a dozen harmful germs and viruses, including Influenza A.   It is EPA Registered to be effective in killing the Influenza A virus, when used according to directions.  Sized in a 16 oz. can, the aerosol penetrates cracks and crevices liquids can't reach. 

There's eight people living in my household.  When one gets sick, the domino effect takes place until we all get sick.  I'm pretty vigilant about disinfecting my home to help prevent that from happening.  I've been using the G-X Disinfectant on my doorknobs, all around the baseboards, and around the sides of large appliances.  The can is big enough that it will last me a while.  I can't say for certain that the G-X Disinfectant spray is what's kept my household from getting sick so far since using it, but I feel a little more comfortable and safe in knowing I'm using a product that's EPA registered and formulated to keep harmful germs from causing us illness. 

If you are interested in earning some extra income, you can take advantage of Stanley Home Product's business opportunities to earn 35% on every item you sell.

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One person will win G-X Disinfectant.

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