Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My #LeapFrogParty Experience

LeapFrog is a leader in educational toys and innovative products for kids.  I was recently able to review two of their products, the LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet and the LeapFrog Tag Reading System.    During the party I hosted at the campground, children and parents were able to play with these innovative toys and learn more about them.  In addition, I shared LeapFrog coloring sheets and coupons with the guests. 

The LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet is simply amazing.  We were surprised with how much it can do.  It's a personalized learning tablet with a built-in camera and video recorder.  With a library of several apps and games, it offers limitless learning. 

The LeapPad includes:
LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet (with 2GB storage)
Pet Writing App
Story Studio App
Art Studio App
Free App download
USB Cable
LeapFrog Connect CD & Quickstart Guide
Extra stylus with tether

The LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet is for kids ages 4 to 9.  I had a few children at the party within that age range, as well as a couple of older kids.  After playing with the LeapPad, I agree with the age range.  My 12 year old son thought it was fun and enjoyed checking out all the features but I believe the apps and programs are more suitable for younger kids. 

LeapPad inspires curious minds, with a complete suite of innovative creativity tools featuring a built-in camera and video recorder, microphone, art, animation, and photo studios.  Effects can be added to pictures using ten different tools.  Kids can take more than 30,000 photos or shoot 120 minutes of video.

The Ultra eBooks are designed to guide children through books and immerse them in the joy of reading.  As a child builds his or her reading skills, the reading level of the story adjusts automatically and is remembered from book to book.  The microphone can even be used to record personal story narration.

Your child's name and picture can be personalized on the home screen.  Three people can register with one LeapPad for their own customized experience.  There's also a Guest option for someone who isn't registered.  The registered users' information is saved on the LeapPad while the Guest's information isn't.

Parents can share their child's art and story creations with loved ones through Facebook or email, and follow their child's learning progress with the free online LeapFrog Learning Path.  After play, parents can connect the tablet to the computer to update their child's personal learning path, and view details or review regular email updates with insights into where their child may need additional support.

The LeapPad I received came specially-loaded so we could get a good feel for it at the party.  If you purchase it from a store or online, you will need to download the apps by first installing the LeapFrog Connect Application and completing registration.  The LeapPad also requires four AA batteries.

To say that the LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet is a multi-purpose learning and entertainment tool is an understatement.  There are numerous ways to learn and have fun.  Children and parents alike were awed by it.  There were various ways to play by tapping the screen with the stylus, shaking it for motion-based gameplay, and more.  For instance, children had to actually blow into the microphone to dry off their virtual pet after a bath.  To play a game, they had to shake and move the tablet around.  To form words, they had to tap the screen with the stylus. 

The tablet itself is a tad bit heavy but it has a rather slim design.  There are volume buttons to increase or decrease noise.  An extra stylus can be stored away on the side of the LeapPad.  At any time a child wants to return to the main menu, they can press the "Home" button.  We have so much more to learn with the LeapPad and we are excited to find out what else there is to do.  What we did find and play with was lots of fun and quite educational. 

Another LeapFrog product the children got to play with and the parents were able to learn about was the LeapFrog Tag Reading System.  The touch technology of Tag brings words and pictures to life.  With a library of over forty interactive storybooks, map and more, it engages children's senses to make reading and learning a fulfilling experience.  This comprehensive reading system offers an array of experiences to guide children from early exploration to independent reading.  It holds audio for up to ten books at a time.

The LeapFrog Tag Reading System comes with a pen and a demo book.  The demo book is a synopsis that shows what all the Tag books can do.  It does require connection to a computer to download the books to the pen.  You can create a free LeapFrog Learning Path account to learn about time your child spent with their favorite books, learn about the skills they are exploring and celebrate their reading progress.  Children can earn rewards throughout each book, but connection to the computer is required to obtain the rewards. 

The Tag pen and extras is for children ages 4 to 8.  By pointing the Tag pen on certain dots throughout the pages or maps, a story will be read to your child.  You can hear the characters talk and even play learning games.  The Interactive World is a geography adventure where children learn facts and exciting information about different parts of the world. 

Due to privacy, I did not post all pictures of the party.  All of the kids at the party had a great experience with both the LeapPad and the Tag Reading System.  I will say that the LeapPad seemed to be more desired among the youngsters.  With these two educational toys, there's a lot of exciting experiences.  They make learning fun.

I received free LeapFrog products in order to host a Learn, Create and Share Party.  LeapFrog did not infuence my opinions expressed here as a result.  Please do your own research before purchasing products.  Your opinions and results may differ.


BusyWorkingMama said...

I hope you all had fun! Lily LOVES the LeapPad and so do I. We need to try the map - we did the Tag books. Our party is this coming weekend.

Natalie A. said...

The products all look fun and educational! Thanks for sharing! :)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

We love our Tag, But the boys so want the other one.