Monday, August 29, 2011

191Unlimited - Men's Apparel Review and Discount Code

I've done a couple of reviews for 191 Unlimited in the past and they are one of my favorite for mens and boys apparel.  They're also one of my favorites for customer service. The reps I've worked with are personable and quick to respond to any questions. I've dressed my boys up in their apparel for birthday parties, wedding receptions, and holiday photos. They always look snazzy dressed in their duds from 191 Unlimited.  My boys have grown some since they last received shirts from 191Kids, the sister site for boy's apparel, so they have permanently graduated to the men's clothing at 191Unlimited and recently received three shirts.

Apparel from 191Unlimited arrive bagged and on a hanger. Logan and Adam have worn their newest shirts from 191Unlimited a handful of times now and have plans to wear them for school pictures.   Having already been satisfied with previous reviews, I knew that I'd have exceptional dress shirts for my boys to wear when they needed to look nice. Logan and Adam like that the shirts are comfortable and look "super cool". I like that the shirts fit them so well and give a distinctive style.

Logan and Adam are the same size when it comes to shirts. The three shirts received this time were in mens size medium.  That is usually the same size they wear for all their other apparel and the fit was normal. I haven't seen any shrinkage or deterioration of the shirts any time I've washed them. They are well-made.

191 Unlimited, a men's clothing company started in 2002 by friends Parth Sharma and Girish Karnani. The founders had 4 original principles by which they wanted each shirt to be made: 1) Awesome Fit, 2) Extreme Comfort, 3) Innovative Detailing, and 4) Affordability. 191 Unlimited still employs these four core principles in the making of all of its products.

Each shirt looks classy on the guys and the intricate detailing is amazing. 191 Unlimited does sell short sleeve shirts, but the ones we've received were long sleeved. They are still thin enough to wear in warmer weather but not so thin that they lack quality. The new arrivals at 191 Unlimited are in a higher price range while the last chance items are quite affordable. Ties, tees, and bottoms are also available.  Anytime I've received shirts for Logan and Adam from 191 Unlimited, I've always been happy with the design and quality.

Exclusive Discount Code:  Use code heckofabunch at checkout for 50% off your order at either or  Offer expires October 10, 2011.

I received products for review from 191 Unlimited.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Handsome boys my dear :). Looks like super cute clothes.