Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Way! Toothbrush and My Way! Toothpaste Review

Getting my kids to brush their teeth isn't as hard as it is for some parents.  But the funner it is, the more excited they are about it. 

Celebrating the unique personality within every child, the My Way! line of oral care products is extending beyond Arm & Hammer Spinbrush MyWay! for Girls with Arm & Hammer Spinbrush My Way! for Boys and Orajel Kids My Way! Toothpaste. The My Way! Line offers kids the opportunity to creatively express themselves at the bathroom sink while encouraging better oral care habits.

The Arm & Hammer Spinbrush My Way! for Girls battery-operated toothbrush launched in 2010. It quickly became the number one kids battery-powered brush on the market. Recently launched, the new Arm & Hammer Spinbrush My Way! for Boys is a battery-powered toothbrush that includes more than 140 boy-centric stickers which can be used to customize the toothbrush's handle. The water-safe stickers feature sports, robots, skateboarding, fierce beats, and awesome vehicles. In addition, each toothbrush includes a set of letter stickers so that guys can put their name on the handle.

Playful personalization of the brushing experience is extended beyond the brush to include toothpaste, as well.  Orajel, the number one selling fluoride-free toddler training toothpaste, now has its first-ever fluoride toothpaste with the launch of Orajel Kids My Way! Toothpaste.  The 3-oz. pump provides a blank canvas to be decorated with some of the 120-plus water-safe stickers included in the package.  Appealing to both girls and boys, Orajel Kids My Way! Toothpaste comes with more than 100 stickers all kids will love like animals, sports, rocker, and princess-themed designs.  Each tube also includes letters so kids can "sign" their name to their creation.

Since receiving the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush My Way! for Boys, I've been asked by my girls and other son to "please, please, please" buy them one.  Adam has been using the one we received for review and he's got it all decked out with stickers, including his name.  The stickers apply easily and come off when he wants to put new ones on.  Adam's never had a battery-powered toothbrush before and he thinks it's "totally awesome" compared to a manual toothbrush.  He seems to be more meticulous with his teeth now. 

The toothpaste is fruit flavored and all but one of the kids seem to like the flavor and texture.  I personally like the pump style of the toothpaste.  All the kids share toothpaste, so it hasn't been personalized with any name stickers, but I've let each kid decorate a portion of the pump to add their own flair.  I can see how children would be more enthused to brush their teeth with this line of toothpaste and toothbrushes.

For more information, visit www.spinbrush.com or www.orajel.com.


Nichol said...

My kids love their spinbrush. They brush so much better with it.