Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shutter Love Tuesday - By The Pool


Every Tuesday at Trendy Treehouse, you can enter your photos for each week's theme. Each week a guest judge will pick the top ten photos. This week's theme is "By The Pool". In addition to posting your own photo, you can leave a comment for your favorite of the week.

This photo was taken Sunday of my son Logan jumping into the pool at the campground. I swear to you he looks like a flying monkey when he dives in. We kept asking him over and over to jump into the pool just to see him do it. I think he was a fish in his former life.


This Lil Piglet Boutique said...

Following you back from TTA. We have a lot in common; I worked for 12 years as an Advanced EMD. I also have 3 kids from a previous marriage and a daughter with my husband; he did not have any children with his ex-wife but the children have 2 stepbrothers from their biodads common-law relationship which means we have to consider those boys too in many of the things we do.

"the fun in disFUNctional"...love that! Great to follow your blog!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

hehe that is too funny.

Ok now that is a rocking campground with a pool!!!