Thursday, July 1, 2010

Milson Road - The Daily Portrait Review

My oldest daughter recently turned sixteen years old. For a lot of girls, this is a big time in their lives. We held a gathering for her at a park and she said it was one of the best birthdays ever. When I was contacted to do a review for Milson Road for The Daily Portrait, it took me some time to decide what special event I wanted to commemerate. But then it struck me that Shelby's 16th birthday was a recent event that was so special to her and I just knew that she would be thrilled to have a permanent keepsake of her Sweet Sixteen.

The Daily Portrait is a personalized, commemerative, framed print of a special occasion in your life. It is a perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. Creating the heirloom is simple and there are different ways to personalize it to your liking. The first step I took was choosing The Daily Portrait to fit the birthday occasion. I then answered a few questions about my daughter and her occasion. After that I uploaded a photo of her and then chose the frame and mat combination I wanted.

It took approximately two weeks for the frame to arrive from the time of order. It came in a large box securely placed in bubble wrap. Once I took The Daily Portrait out of the box, I was amazed at how large and beautiful it is. I couldn't wrap my head around all the information that was included. I still look at the heirloom from time to time and find new information that I hadn't seen before. News headlines, astrological readings, top office hits, stock market info, and much, much more were beautifully arranged in the frame. At the bottom was a silver plate with Shelby's name and the date of April 14, 2010. Oh, and there was a special section at the top left that told of Shelby's birthday celebration.

The Daily Portrait now hangs on Shelby's bedroom wall. Sometimes she'll walk out from her bedroom and talk about something that happened that day or something else she saw on there she hadn't noticed before. This definitely is an heirloom piece that she can take with her when she moves out and resides in her own home.

I recently held a The Daily Portrait In-Home Party at the campground with eight guests. I have a place to live, but I also take great pride in my camper and giving it a homey feel. I personally know a lot of people who also adorn their campers with decorations and momentos. After all, for a lot of us, it is our "home away from home".

Each guest was given a brochure explaining what The Daily Portrait is and gave insight on what occasion they would use one for. They also received discount cards to use online for purchase. I pointed out the various things that were included on The Daily Portrait. The oooos and ahhhs were plentiful. A game was played where each guest was given the opportunity to win The Daily Portrait for themselves. The lucky winner, after three games, was my mother. She was beyond thrilled and is now in the thinking process of what she will use hers for.

The Daily Portrait is elegant and stunning to look at. The price is somewhat upscale, but I feel it is worth it due to all of the detail that is put into it. Not to mention that it is a piece that will be displayed for many years.

Milson Road has created a quality framed memory that will be cherished and looked at often.

I received product for review courtesy of MomSelect on behalf of Milson Road. The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please do your own research before purchasing products. Your opinions and results may differ.