Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordful Wednesday - NHRA, Camping, and A Parade

My husband and I went with a group to Gateway International on Friday to see qualifying rounds for NHRA. I was one of two who had never been before. I'm not a huge race fan, but this was a wonderful experience I will never forget. I got to meet a lot of drivers, get autographs, and capture photos. The man made earthquakes and sheer force of some of the cars is beyond words.

This is me with well-known driver Ashley Force Hood, daughter of John Force. I am amazed at the number of women who are involved in this sport. They definitely have more guts and determination than I could ever possess. It was extremely windy that day, but the weather conditions were better than they were supposed to be with thunderstorms. My husband wants this picture framed above his bed. Um, that's not happening!

This is my husband's boss posing with Melanie Troxell, another well known racer. She is his one of his favorite drivers.

In additon to getting to watch qualifying rounds, we got to see close-up views of the cars and drivers. There were also many shops with souveniers and food booths. The drinks and food were more than expensive. At the AAA booth, I hula hooped with my nephew and his wife and two other people for the chance to win a prize. I placed second and got a koozie. The things I'll do for a cheap token!

Saturday morning we watched the annual Dogwood Parade. It lasted two hours. My step-daughter, Allyson, got some beads from the parade. No, she didn't get them Mardi Gras style!

My great-niece, Madelyn, enjoyed the parade as long as her mother or I were nearby to hold her or assure her that everything was okay. I think she was a little skittish of all the activity.

My boys were especially fascinated with the big trucks and muscle cars that came through the parade.

We moved our camper over the weekend to a preferred spot by my sisters. Now I can be real close to where they're at. The previous owners left the deck for us to have. It is our plan to repaint it and add party lights.

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Traci66 said...

Swing those hips girl.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Holy moly check you out girl 2nd place you rock!!!!

LOVING that deck that is so awesome!

And you say my weekends are full!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Looks like everyone had so much fun! 2nd place? You GO girl! :) And that's the way to camp - deck and all! ;)

WW: Princess Dinosaur Cookies

Marlene said...

Used to LOVE going to the races. Had a friend who used to race those "funny cars". Couldn't pay me enough to get in one of those. Curiously enough, though, I'd love to chase a tornado. Never said I was "all there"!

Momstart said...

That looks like more fun than should be legally allowed

Kelly Tirman said...

looks like everyone had a great time.