Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordful Wednesday - My RC Racers

My husband has taken up a new hobby to occupy his time in the winter, RC racing. He's now gotten the boys involved. Every Wednesday and Saturday my husband takes his car out to the local hobby shop and races it on the indoor track.

On Saturdays my son, Adam, was going out there with my husband and taking on the role of a corner marshal, which is a person that flips the cars back on their wheels when they wreck or flip over. I was flabbergasted when my husband gave Adam one of his electric cars the other day and told him he could start racing. Adam was beyond excited and is ready to take on his first race.

Here is Adam and Jason with their electric vehicles. Adam took it to the track a few days ago and practiced with his. He's been studying the owner's manual and learning how to maneuver the vehicle.

Logan has his own RC vehicle as well. It's a cross between a car and a swamp buggy. It can go on land or water. Logan does not wish to take part in the racing aspect of it and wants to use it just for recreational purposes.

This is Logan inserting the battery in his RC vehicle. It was the first time for him to work on his vehicle and learn how to charge it and replace the batteries.

It has been a fun hobby for the boys and it's given them something to bond over. Me and the girls go out to the races and watch.

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