Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We Took The WAT-AAH Challenge

My family was encouraged to take the WAT-AAH challenge to test the assumption that kids are addicted to sugar and think water is boring. I received a box of the four different kinds of WAT-AAH, with those four being bones, brain, body, and energy.

I put the WAT-AAH in the fridge without telling the kids, to see if they would take notice. They do drink water at times but they, as well as I, are guilty of reaching for a sugary drink.

My son, Logan, was the first one to take notice of the bottles in the fridge. He immediately grabbed one up and asked if he could give it a try. He took a drink of the Bones version and commented that it tasted just like water but he was okay with that because he likes water. But WAT-AAH was "cooler because of the label". Bone-building magnesium is part of what makes up this drink.

My son Adam's reaction was the best. He drank the entire bottle of brain WAT-AAH and swore that he was getting smarter by the minute. He just knew that the water was working on his brain and making him into a genius. He asked where I got the WAT-AAH and begged that we get more. The WAT-AAH Brain has kid-friendly electrolytes.

My daughter, Shelby, thought the labels were neat and wanted to keep them after drinking because they were unique. She tried the WAT-AAH Energy, which is ultra purified water with energizing oxygen. There's some catchy phrases on the bottle that all the kids got a kick out of reading.

WAT-AAH was created by moms who wanted to convince their kids to drink more water. They came up with an idea to recreate water with personality and a catchy name. WAT-AAH is ultra pure with absolutely no sugar. I can see how it appeals to kids. Heck, it even appeals to me.

I received bottles of WAT-AAH for review. The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please do your own research before purchasing products.


shopannies said...

we did get some of this my children loved it and I did as well because it was good for them.