Monday, November 2, 2009

Blog Hop - Favorite Photos

This week's blog hop is "Favorite Photos". With that said, here are a few more of mine that I've taken recently:

This is me with my grandmother. This photo was taken just this Sunday when I went to visit her. It was a bittersweet visit. It was so nice to see her and visit with her as it has been almost two years. On the flip side, it was very emotional because my heart broke as I listened to her Alzheimer's talk. I hadn't experienced the heartbreak of Alzheimer's until then and I wanted so desperately for my old grandma back. What makes me happy about the visit is that she knew she loved me even though she didn't know me. I was a friend at one time and her daughter at another. But no matter who I was to her, she was happy to see me and the smiles on her face will be forever ingrained in my heart. She may have been robbed by beauty on the outside, but she is the epitome of beauty on the inside.

Our yard was overtaken with fall leaves and the kids took advantage of it by raking them up and making a war fort. They had lots of fun raking them and using their imaginations.

My son, Logan, in the large leaf pile.

My sister's birthday party was a week ago and my great-niece, Madelyn, took advantage of the cupcakes. She stuck her face in them and savored the sweet icing. I think she wore more than she ate.

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Mama Holli said...

I love the picture of you and your grandmother! She is beautiful! She does know you are there! I remember how I loved my Granny's hands! They told a story...her life! They were soft and strong like she was. You are blessed to have this time with her. Thank you for sharing.

Trippy Momma said...

The pic of your great niece is adorable!

LAURA said...

The pic of the kids in the leaves with their guns and swords is GREAT!!

Renea Lynch said...

Love the picture of you and your granny. One of my best friends' grandmother has alzheimer's and it's quite a journey of ups and downs. Cherish those times with her, she will know you again someday. She'll wait in Heaven to greet you and know you immediately and share how much she's missed you, with her new mind and new body. Until then, treasure her smiles and holding her hands weather your her friend, her niece, her daughter, her neighbor, her nurse... whoever you may be. Show her your love, that's what she knows in her heart. :)