Thursday, November 12, 2009

191 Unlimited - Review and Promotion Code

When shopping for the girls, it seems that I'm able to find all sorts of clothes that are cute and stylish. When it comes to my boys and husband, I have the hardest time. My boys are at the stage where they are no longer wearing young kids clothing, but not yet into menswear. Therefore, when I was given the opportunity to work with 191 Unlimited, I was beyond excited. It is a company dedicated to providing stylish clothing for men and boys. Celebrities have been seen wearing clothing and accessories by this company that provides a line of clothing dedicated to extreme comfort and innovative detailing.

I received men's shirts for my husband and boy's shirts for my sons. My teenage daughter saw them and immediately snagged one up. I told her they were clothing for boys but she didn't care. She fell in love with the shirts as well and wanted one to wear. Hey, girls wear boys clothing all the time, so why not? Besides, it looked great on her.

I took lots of pictures of my kids and husband wearing their 191 Unlimited shirts. They looked snazzy. The shirts were worn at a wedding reception last weekend and the guys will be wearing their shirts for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The kids are wearing their 191 Unlimited shirts in these photos I took. I also have other photos of the kids wearing their shirts in this week's Wordful Wednesday post.

The detailing on the shirts is amazing. As you can see, there is intricate work on every shirt.

The boys wore their 191 Unlimited shirts at a wedding reception. As you can tell from the shirt on the right, there is detailing on the back of some of the shirts as well.

This is my daughter proudly wearing her 191 Unlimited shirt. So you can tell what sizes the shirts run, she is wearing a size small in this boy's shirt.

My husband and son are rockin' out in their shirts. The Sandman shirt my husband is wearing is a size XL and was a little snug, so I recommend ordering a size up from what you regularly wear in the men's shirts.

With the holidays coming up, I think these shirts would be great to wear for your events. Heck, they'd be great to wear at any time. These shirts are comfortable and stylish.

If you subscribe to the 191 Unlimited email list, you will be automatically entered to win free clothing. There is one winner per month.

PROMO CODE: 191 Unlimited is generously offering my readers a promotional discount for 30% off their purchase. The code to use when checking out is "heckofabunch".