Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Brr, It's Cold In Here


It's that time again, courtesy of The Un Mom, to spew out your thoughts and let the world know just what is on your mind.

My husband finally took the air conditioners out of the house and into storage yesterday. I'm pretty sure we won't be using them again any time soon. I'm holding out for all I've got to keep from turning the heat on. I have other things to spend my money on than a high electric bill.

My landlord said there would be people at my house first thing in the morning yesterday to fix a leak in my window. Do you think that was just said because I was paying rent at the same time of the conversation?! Yesterday came and went with nary a peep. I'm guessing I'll have a work crew come by and make tons of noise when I'm dead asleep after working an 8-hour shift. I don't much care right now. I'd just like the window fixed. I had to throw out my son's mattress and am now on the hunt for a new one due to the mildew formed from the leaky window.

So now the FCC says I have to disclose whether I receive a product or payment for my giveaways and reviews. No need for me to worry; I already jumped on that bandwagon when I started my blog and have disclosed that information every time. My gripe is that I don't see where media publications have to do the same. The majority of most magazines are filled with more ads than articles. I'm thinking they should have to add a disclosure to each and every one of them that they're getting paid big bucks to place that ad. I'm pretty sure I won't be disclosing anytime soon that I'm swimming in the money by blogging.

While asleep I had a dream about my dad, that he attended my daughter's homecoming parade. While I do indeed enjoy having dreams about him, if even for the vivid details, it just makes me miss him like crazy when I wake up. I just want one more day with him. The pain becomes so raw again from losing him. Hey dad, if you're reading this from above, please come back and visit my dreams again. Just do it more often. I don't like bawling like a baby because you're not here with me. If you come and visit my dreams every night, it won't feel like you're gone.


PlumbPretty said...

I can't believe you haven't turned your heat on yet!!! BRRRR

I wish my grandma would visit me in my dreams sometime....

Kristin said...

Its not quite cold enough here yet, today is actually about 65 (long Island, NY). My hubby just FINALLY took ours out too! yay fall! hahaha


Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMG I've been seeing the disclosure on peoples blogs but I didn't know I need one. Ok adding it to mine from now on! Thanks for saving my butt!