Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blog Hop - Favorite Photos

This week's blog hop is to post your favorite photos. I recently deleted a bunch from my computer, but here's some favorites that I have left.
My son, Logan, came out of his bedroom and flopped on the kitchen floor doing this. He is portraying a rat and his sign says "Do not smoke cigarettes. It is the same thing as rat poison." How's that for truth!

This photo was taken in April when my daughter competed in the local Outstanding Teen pageant. She is in her interview outfit. She placed second at the pageant.
They may not be blood, but they're sisters by marriage and by heart.
This is my nephew, Justin, chilling near the woods by my camper. He is getting married in September. My husband is best man and I am a bridesmaid.
This is my great-niece, Faythe. I love her big brown eyes and spunky attitude.
This is me and my son right before we left for vacation bible school. It was a western theme.

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